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When you live in a house of all boys you tend to go crazy; being a woman/mom and all. Having my first born be a girl was great. I made bows, and pink, ruffled, girly baby bedding. I made twirly dresses and ruffle butt bloomers. I loved everything pink. Then along came nothing but boys boys boys. I love all my boys but I can't exactly dress them in ruffles. Sewing has become a passion. Well, not just a passion but an extreme overboard obsession. I love it. I really enjoy creating one of a kind pieces for adults and children. I love working with wedding parties and helping create that "perfect" dress for the bride. I started out sewing over 25 years ago and haven't stopped sense. I started sewing as gifts for friends and family and blossomed from there. I have created some interesting and down right weird costumes in my years. About 8 years ago I had a small starting out business contact me about doing some work for them. And now I have over 16 different local small businesses that have come to me for work and most of them are still in business with me. I started working with drapery and bedding about 15 years ago and added that to my list of accomplishments. So send me a message, nothing is too crazy or "out of the box" for me. 
Needle 'n Thread
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